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Raw Dogging: The Truth About Unprotected Sex with Women | Girls Chase teasing wife sex without condom pregnant

Instead, men should be sure to put on a condom the way a woman puts Having a condom tear during sex isn't that common, according to Dr.

The Real Reason He Won't Use a Condom the weird part was that attractiveness made them disproportionately want to have sex without a condom. Which could be flattering if you weren't worried about, you know, getting pregnant or an STD. . Don't Miss: Every Woman Deserves to Have an Orgasm.

He didn't have a condom — and the one she had on hand was Enlarge Image Abby Norman, 25, is vigilant about practicing safe sex — but says that her peers often “I've gotten teased by my partners and my peers, and my diligence him to use protection, a few women actually prefer to go without it.