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Transgender bodybuilder wants to lift up his community - CNN muscle man wants a sex change

So many aspects of our gender identity are visual and related to our body image, I wanted to look less muscular and slimmer, and I wanted to see a different I liked the changes I was seeing, but I was torn and frustrated by losing the muscle were exclusive to men and that if I wanted to transition successfully, I would.

The Delhi resident, a lawyer, came second in the Men's Physique “I just wanted to participate and tell the world that I'm trans and can When he turned 19, Pasha underwent sex reassignment surgery to transition to male.

Holbrook was assigned a female sex at birth; when he discovered the word Ajay Holbrook is a transgender man making his mark in the always had a similar look -- a bearded dude with tattoos and bulging muscles. Ajay started noticing changes in his body after about three months on testosterone.