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Forearm Flap in One-Stage Reconstruction of the Penis : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery penis forearm

Russian surgeons 'grow' penis on man's forearm. Click to enlarge. By Nick Holdsworth in Moscow. 12:01AM BST 10 Apr 2005. A Russian man born with genitals.

A British man born without a penis is preparing to go under the knife in a surgery that would create a functioning penis using skin and tissue taken from his arm. Andrew Wardle, a 39-year-old from London, was born with testicles but without a penis, and with an ectopic bladder.

Plast Reconstr Surg. 1984 Aug;74(2):251-8. Forearm flap in one-stage reconstruction of the penis. Chang TS, Hwang WY. Seven cases of one-stage.