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Jessica Jones Season 3 Reveals What Happened To Iron Fist what happened to iron fist

The Immortal Iron Fist is no more - on Netflix, at least. The series told the story of Danny Rand, a billionaire who combined martial arts skills with mystical powers. In the comic and on-screen, Danny Rand is portrayed as a rich, white man who learns martial arts in a mystical.

Jessica Jones season 3 revealed just what's been going on for the immortal Iron Fist after the cancellation of his own show. The partnership between Marvel Television and Netflix has come to an end, and Jessica Jones season 3 is the final installment. But the second seasons of both.

Spoilers ahead for “A Duel of Iron,” the Season 2 finale of Netflix and Marvel’s Iron Fist. The final episode of Iron Fist’s shortened second season (10 episodes, compared to 13 episodes the first year) is an odd piece of narrative work on the surface. Instead of following.