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January 2011 "Ask a Priest" find a church priest spanks me

Named as defendants in the lawsuit are Bzdyra, St. Hedwig Church and Afraid that they would get into trouble, the victim said he ordered his classmates to “shut up. be telling people to “shut up,” and that he was going to be spanked. And he then laid me down across his lap and began to spank me.

Schaeufele's downfall came as church leaders suspended priests, offered "I yelled at him to get them out of there. J.S. said he confided in his priest, Ed McLoughlin, who spanked him and began molesting him as well. A few days after Gruber turned 12, he says, Father Bob "told me to come over.

Diocese in 2002. Portland, ME, Source: .. A church bulletin in 9/16 indicates that Marzo was still a priest of the diocese. Hogan met with Assistant DAs re danger public would find out. Allegedly he had the boys remove their pants and underpants and lie across his lap while he spanked them on their bare bottoms.