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Top and Bottom Rig – DS Custom Tackle top and bottom rigs

Sea Striker 365-SE Squid Rigs Fluke/Flounder Fishing Lure. AIRKOUL Wire Trace Leader Rig Stainless Steel 2 Arm Fishing Rigs Tackle Lure Swivel Snaps. SETLUX Wire Trace Leader Rig Stainless Steel 2-4 Arms Fishing Rigs Tackle Lure Swivel.

Description. Hand tied 20lb. monofilament top and bottom rig with dual #1 American made Owner hooks, size 3 barrel swivel and 2 pill floats to hold your bait off.

These nylon top and bottom rigs are approximately 33 in. long and feature 2 dropper loops on 40 lb test with swivel and snap. Use with a snelled hook of your .