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Used 1989 Ford Escort GT in Portland, Oregon 89 escort gt

The North American variant of the Ford Escort is a small family/compact car introduced by Ford . The turbo engine then found its way into the Escort GT ( and Lynx RS) as well during the 1984 model year. 88 hp (66 kW); 1984–1985 1.6 L turbocharged CVH I4, 120 hp (89 kW); 1984–1985 2.0 L RF diesel I4, 52 hp (39 kW).

All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of Ford Escort GT (82 kW / 112 PS / 110 hp), edition of the year 1989 since October 1988 for North.

Before the Escort GT went all Mazda on us in the early 1990s, there was this My dad's '89 Escort GT – purchased new – was a dud.